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I Love My Park Day is an exciting statewide event, organized by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) in partnership with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) and local Friends groups, to celebrate and enhance New York’s parks and historic sites and bring visibility to the entire park system and its needs.

New Yorkers love their parks, as demonstrated by the thousands of volunteers who are willing to help maintain the beauty of New York’s treasured state parks and historic sites. Friends groups and volunteers are more important than ever to keep parks beautiful, clean, and welcoming for all to visit and enjoy.

Volunteers from across the state participate in cleanup, improvement, and beautification events at New York State parks and historic sites each year on the first Saturday in May. They celebrate New York’s park system by cleaning up park lands and beaches, planting trees and gardens, restoring trails and wildlife habitat, removing invasive species, and working on various construction and site improvement projects.

PTNY, in collaboration with OPRHP, coordinates the event on the statewide level, providing outreach, promotion, technical assistance and a how-to organizer’s kit for Friends groups to use for their individual events. Friends groups and park staff oversee cleanup, improvement and beautification projects and work with volunteers.

Learn more about I Love My Park Day by watching this short Prezi slideshow and our 2015 PSA:

I Love My Park Day 2015

The fourth annual I Love My Park Day (May 2, 2015) built upon the tremendous success of the first three years. The event has tripled in size since the inagural I Love My Park Day was held in 2012. Thanks to the 6,500 volunteers who pitched, the fourth annual I Love My Park Day was a huge success.

Parks and historic sites enhanced

Volunteers took part in 200 cleanup, improvement, and beautification projects at 95 state parks and historic sites around the state. From Montauk to Niagara Falls, volunteers cleaned beaches and shorelines, improved trails and made them more accessible, built picnic tables, removed invasive species, painted fences, cleared debris, and much, much more.

Headlines tout love for parks

Governor Cuomo's invitation to all New Yorkers to volunteer put our state parks system, its needs, and the strong public support for parks in the public's eye.

A boost to volunteerism

New and veteran volunteers came out to give back to the parks they use and enjoy all year and create a community of park lovers. Many park and historic site friends groups enjoyed the best turnout ever for a volunteer event.

What's Next

Together, we will build on the tremendous momentum generated by I Love My Park Day. PTNY will be working with OPRHP and Friends groups to build on the success of the event by engaging new volunteers, building a strong community of park stewards, and expanding friends groups' capacity.

A big thank you to Governor Cuomo, our sponsors, and everyone who came out, rolled up their sleeves, and helped make I Love My Park Day a huge success!